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At Cariati Law Firm we are on your side.  If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, a slip & fall or due to a dangerous product we are a click or phone call away. Our team of lawyers, law clerks, nurses and doctors have helped thousands of satisfied clients get the compensation they deserve for the injuries they have sustained. Our team specializes solely in personal injury law, meaning all of our resources are dedicated to helping injured victims. In the past several years our team has obtained over 50 million dollars in compensation for our clients.

One has to remember that insurance companies have teams of professionals who work for them to minimize the cost of every claim, and without legal representation the injured victim is at a complete disadvantage. By calling Mario Cariati you get a team on your side that will work for you meaning the insurance company can no longer take advantage of your limited knowledge of personal injury law. Personal Injury Law is complex and requires expertise that our team possesses, since we have been in the business for over 40 years.  Our No Win-No Fee assures that you don’t pay a penny unless we win the case. Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you, let Cariati Law Firm help protect your rights. 

Cariati Law Firm boasts some of the best Toronto personal injury lawyers who will fight for your rights and claim. When looking for experienced injury lawyers in Toronto and the GTA make sure you get in touch legal experts who have years of experience dealing with personal injury lawsuits. Our team of personal injury lawyers has been fighting for our clients for over 40 years, so you know you can trust us with your claim!

Cariati Law Firm is a leading personal injury law firm led and founded by Mario Cariati. Our lawyers have been helping individuals get proper compensation for their injuries for over 25 years. You have probably read the descriptions about all the other law firms on the internet that are looking to help you obtain maximum compensation from the insurance companies and now you are on our website. What makes us different is that we are a law firm that specializes specifically in personal injury law. Some of our lawyers in our Toronto office only handle catastrophic injuries, where some of our other offices only handle soft-tissue type injuries.

When you call us you will be set-up with a personal injury lawyer that specializes in your type of case, which means that you get a personal injury lawyer that has expertise with your type of injury. Also we have offices several locations in the GTA, meaning you have somebody local to serve you which leads to a peace of mind for a number of individuals. If you are further from Toronto or are simply not feeling well enough to get to our offices we will have one of our representatives or even our lawyers come to the hospital or your home. Unlike other lawyers who may do estates, real estate, criminal law and take the personal injury matter when it comes along, all our lawyers specialize exclusively in personal injury litigation. This means you get a law firm and a lawyer that has its resources devoted to its personal injury cases, one that’s respected by the insurance company and where its members have up to date knowledge on the evolving field of personal injury law.  Also when you call us you will not be given advice by an administrative staff member but you your call will be answered or transferred to someone that has knowledge of personal injury law who would point you to the right direction.

At Cariati Law Firm our focus is on you, since we want to make sure that all our clients will be our future referral sources for the good work we have done for them. Our lawyers and staff have a 24 hour policy on all incoming phone calls, meaning that as a client of one of our firms your call will always be returned promptly. Our no win-no fee policy assures that you don’t pay a penny unless we win the case. It also allows our clients, a number of which have run into financial trouble after an accident to be able to hire expert legal advice without having to pay an hourly rate. If you want to make sure that your personal injury case is taken seriously, call Mario Cariati to get the care and compensation you deserve.

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